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  • What will the override do for the town?

    The override will maintain services at their current level. It will also add back $600,000 to the school budget to restore core services and $400,000 to the DPW budget to deal with the backlog of town-wide road resurfacing projects. Many of Arlington’s roads are in a critical state due to the extensive damage to them done by severe weather.

    The town committed to a three-year plan in conjunction with the override. The plan means that there will be:

    • no more than a 3 1/2 percent increase for operating budgets
    • no more than a 7 percent increase for health care expenses
    • no more than a 7 percent increase for special education
  • If the override is successful, how will the $6.49 million be distributed in the town budget?

    In the first year, $2.2 million will go to reserves so money is available for all three years. Of the remainder, two-thirds will go to the schools and one-third to the town.

  • What are the $600,000 for the schools and $400,000 for the town numbers I heard mentioned?

    The override will allow the town to maintain the level of services we currently have in FY11 and add back some services that were cut going into this year. The schools would have their level services budget increased by $600,000. The town’s FY12 budget would be increased by $400,000.

  • What will Arlington residents lose if we don’t pass an override?

    Every town department and every school will be affected by the cuts that will have to be made to deal with the town’s projected $4 million deficit. On top of the reductions already made, these cuts will have a significant impact on the quality of services and quality of life in the community. For more details, please see the fact sheet.

  • Why are so many teachers and employees being cut?

    Employees represent approximately 80% of the costs of operating our town. Town officials have cut supplies and materials to the bone. The only place to make cuts is with our staff.

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