Ed & Paulette SchwartzEd and Paulette Schwartz
“We’ve lived in Arlington almost 40 years….we started out as the young couple in the neighborhood, and now we’re the old couple. The elderly should not be afraid of the increased costs to get good services.”

Katja BakerKatja Baker
“We’ve been trimmed down to the bare bones…they’ve just taken away everything they possibly could that was not impacting direct contact between teachers and students, and that, I’m afraid, is going to be what goes next.”

Clarissa RoweClarissa Rowe
“The reason to vote for an override is to keep your property values high….It’s a very important time for us to really be thinking about what we want the future of the town to be.”

Cindy StarksCindy Starks
“The schools without an override are schools that are going to be really hard to be proud of. It is imperative….that you get out and vote.”

Eric Helmuth video Eric Helmuth
“The town does a lot on a small budget. There’s not any more fat to cut…what we’re going to cut now is bone, and it’s going to change the kind of town Arlington is.”

Kiera GordonKiera Gordon
“To me, voting yes is voting for your town and for your community, and it’s also preserving your home value, too. It’s keeping Arlington a great place to live.”

Lauren BoyleLauren Boyle
“I really hope that all of you can come out on June 7th….I think this is a really critical vote to keep Arlington the way it is, and to keep it the great community that it is.”

Kids say Yes for ArlingtonKids Say “YES for Arlington”
This terrific, charming video was created by an Arlington family to help everyone remember why a YES vote on June 7 is so important to preserve vital town services we all depend upon.

Many thanks to the volunteers who produced and appeared in these videos.

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