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Please note: If you donate $200 or more, list your occupation and employer in the open field on the donation form, in accordance with state law.

Arlington needs your help. Arlington is a great town, but we need to pass a Proposition 2½ override on Tuesday, June 7, in order to maintain core public services. Your donation will help Arlington get back on track and thrive in the future, by helping us get the word out.

More about Donations

Why donate to Yes for Arlington? Running a political campaign can be expensive. Printing materials, postage, and maintaining our website requires volunteers and money. Can I donate offline? Yes! Write a personal check made payable to: Yes for Arlington PO Box 38 Arlington, MA 02476 For donations of $200 and higher, contributors must list their occupation and employer as well. This extra information is required by the Massachusetts Office of Political and Campaign Finance (OPCF). Can I donate cash? No. Yes for Arlington can only accept paypal and personal checks, which list the donor’s full name and address. Are donations tax deductible? No.  Yes for Arlington is a political campaign to support an override of proposition 2 ½, it is not a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charity. Are there other ways to help? There are many ways to support Yes for Arlington!  Click here to get involved.

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